Is THIS the reason for Georgia and Ellie Love Island argument?

Nothing like waking up in a sunny villa to the sound of birds, the rising sun and raging catfights.

Yup, whilst Love Island might be a ruddy good watch, we wouldn’t last a *minute* in amidst all that drama of the villa…

*Insert classic Love Island beef GIF here*

Last night, the nation had found themselves once more gripped to the edge of the sofa – as FOUR whole Islanders had been sent packing from the villa.

The remaining singletons, Wes and Georgia were given the choice to couple up with and ultimately save either Adam, new Alex, Sam, Megan, Darylle or new Ellie. 

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With Wes deciding to stick with Megan, despite the ups and downs of their somewhat controversial partnership. Georgia then decided to give Sam a shot.

Whilst the decisions caused quite a heatwave online (see below), the Islanders appeared to hold it together pretty well.

However, the preview for Friday night’s episode tells another story entirely – as Georgia comes to rather extreme blows with Ellie over a mystery cause.

Whilst we will sadly have to wait a few hours to find out exactly *what* happened between the girls, this hasn’t stopped Twitter going all Sherlock Holmes on the case.

In fact, viewers think they’ve cracked the root of the dramz – and surprise surprise, lady killer Adam is somehow involved!

As you may have noticed, Ellie and Adam hail from the same neck of the woods – and are friends back home in Newcastle.

As Georgia’s decision to couple up with Sam meant she sent Adam packing, many think this is the cause of the argument between herself and Ellie.

One user shares, ‘I bet Ellie is fuming because Georgia wasn’t ‘loyal’ in saving Adam instead of Sam’.

— Josephine Bannerman (@JosieB298) July 5, 2018

Another writes, ‘Baffled what’s Ellie’s problem with georgia ? is it because she didn’t pick Adam’.

Agreeing with the theory, another shares, ‘I reckon Ellie’s kicked off because Georgia didn’t save adam’.

And they’re not the only ones who reckon they’re cracked the mystery…

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