Renee Young: 5 Thing To Know About 1st Woman To Be Named WWE Raw Announcer

Another glass ceiling bites the dust! Renee has been working with WWE since 2012, but is taking her commentating role one HUGE step further as the first female full-time announcer. Here’s what you need to know about her!

Renee Young, 32, is making moves! The Canadian sports broadcaster is going to replace Jonathan Coachman on WWE‘s “Monday Night Raw” announce team — it’s official. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough news, get this! With her new position, Renee will be the first woman to announce at that table full-time. She’ll be joining Michael Cole and Corey Graves starting on Sept. 17, while Jonathan takes up her old position and hosts the pay-per-view pre-shows. Sounds like a win/win for everyone! We love to see Renee breaking new ground, but if you don’t know much else about her, we’ve got you covered!

1. She pursued many other careers before settling on sports commentary. Sometimes it takes time to find where you fit! So before she built her incredible career as a sports broadcaster, it’s no surprise that Renee tried out a few other paths. While she started young as a child model, she went to college for improvisational comedy training before moving to Los Angeles at 19 to pursue a comedic acting career. After moving back to Toronto, she spent a short time at BiteTV and then three years with The Score Television Network. And when she signed with WWE in 2012, the rest was history!

2. Renee is married to a WWE wrestler. Renee has been dating Jonathan Good, a.k.a. Dean Ambrose, 32, since 2013, but she wasn’t the one who spilled the beans on their relationship. In fact, The Miz let it slip when he was being interviewed by the broadcaster and she slapped him in the face on camera because of it. Ouch! The couple continued to keep things on the DL, then confirmed their marriage in April 2017. Now they appear on Total Divas together.

3. She hosts a podcast. Since December 2016, Renee has co-hosted a podcast called “Regular Girls” with Canadian actress Stacey McGunnigle. On the show, she and Stacey keep things casual — and hilarious — by just catching up on their weeks.

4. She has a connection to Kelly Clarkson. If you’ve seen Kelly Clarkson‘s “Behind Your Hazel Eyes” music video, watch it again and take a closer look! Renee actually has a cameo as one of Kelly’s bridesmaids. But that wasn’t the only music video she ever appeared in. Her first one was for Tom Green.

5. Renee Young is not her real name. When Renee signed with WWE in 2012, she chose Renee Young as her ring name. While she kept her first name the same, she changed her last, Paquette. She chose Young as a way to honor Neil Young. She’s been known by her ring name ever since.

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