Report: Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Get Married on New Year’s Eve

According to a source, the couple is finally tying the knot after eight years together and will throw a huge bash on December 31.

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are reportedly set to wed on New Year’s Eve.

According to editors at the Mail on Sunday, the couple are finally tying the knot after eight years together and will throw a huge bash on 31 December.

The 51-year-old Fast and Furious star and his supermodel girlfriend had planned to wed last year (17) but postponed the nuptials after they welcomed their first child, son Jack Oscar Statham, in June 2017.

Jason and Rosie will hold the star-studded party at their Hollywood Hills mansion, with invitations reportedly going out later this month.

The couple announced their engagement in January, 2016, and one month later they confirmed Rosie was pregnant with their first child.

Rosie, 31, recently opened up about life as a new mum and revealed she enjoyed taking time off work to focus on her family.

“I took a bit of time off and had my baby,” she told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. “I tried to take the time at home to enjoy those first special months with my family. I have a wonderful personal life with lots of love and fun.”

And though Rosie didn’t want to sound “terribly smug”, she couldn’t be happier with her family life.

“I don’t know how to explain it without sounding incredibly cliched or terribly smug, but it is the most amazing time right now,” she gushed. “I feel so happy, all the way from the bottom of my heart. Life just feels so full. The thing that surprised me the most is how all-consuming and deep a love you can feel. I’ve been very lucky to experience love in my life, but with your baby, there’s nothing else like it.”

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