Report: Meghan Markle’s Mother Preparing for Royal Grandchild With Private Granny Classes

In related news, Doria Ragland repotedly made a secret visit to London this summer amid her family drama with dad Thomas Markle.

Is royal baby really on the way? Amid rumors of Meghan Markle‘s pregnancy rumors, her mom Doria Ragland appears to further fuel the royal baby speculation by taking a private baby-care lesson in Los Angeles. Is she preparing for the arrival of a grandchild?

According to Daily Star Sunday, the 62-year-old is taking regular granny lesson from local experts near her house in the city. The classes are said to be held at the Cradle Company in Pasadena. The lessons reportedly include teaching vital skills, such as first aid.

“Doria’s been taking newborn care specialist classes with the Cradle Company in Pasadena, Los Angeles.” said an L.A. source to the site. “Two of the teachers, Brandi and Hannah, are training Doria at her home half an hour away to avoid attracting unwanted attention.”

The Duchess of Sussex allegedly wants to “avoid hiring staff if possible once her first child arrives. The thought of having her mum move in with them and take on the role of baby nurse is the best possible solution to that,” according to the source. “Even more so because it’s something Doria has always wanted to do anyway.”

“She already specializes in prenatal yoga. She’s learned everything from breastfeeding and lactation consultancy, basic baby care, CPR and first aid,” says the source of Doria, who was previously rumored to be moving to the U.K. “The course also covers sleep training for later on, weaning and helping the new mother with her recovery.”

It doesn’t come as a surprise if Meghan wants her mom to take care her baby because the two are “extremely close.” The source continues, “With her new qualification and training to add to her role of grandmother, she will be ready to give her daughter some very hands-on help inside the Palace once the new Prince or Princess arrives.”

The baby talks start after Meghan was seen opting for a loose-fitting dress in a recent event, prompting people to wonder whether she’s trying to hide a baby bump. In addition, Meghan and her husband Harry were said to be wanting to have a family of their own soon. However, a source close to the brunnete beauty shuts down the rumors, insiting that “Meghan isn’t pregnant, and she and Harry really don’t pay much attention to all the rumors as they accept that it’s just part and parcel of being who they are, especially given their status as newlyweds.”

“Meghan knows that everything she wears right now is going to be analyzed for pregnancy ‘signs’ and ‘clues’ as is the way she styles her hair and the way she acts in public — she already has her every move scrutinized though so she’s starting to get used to that whole side of things,” the source claims to “Meghan and Harry would really love to have a couple of children in total, a small, loving and close family would be the ideal scenario for them both, and they hope their dream will come true some day soon.”

In related news, Doria repotedly made a secret visit to London this summer amid her family drama with dad Thomas Markle. Royal commentatior Omid Scobie reveals in a tweet that Doria “visited Prince Harry and her daughter for an extended stay at their Oxfordshire home this summer.”

“Doria is said to enjoy a close relationship with Harry and continues to be a pillar of strength for Meghan,” adds him.

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