Rich The Kid Shares Shocking Pic Of Injuries In The Hospital & Fans Pray For Him

What just happened to Rich The Kid? The rapper shared a horrifying pic on Instagram showing him lying unconscious in a hospital bed with a neck brace and oxygen tube — and no explanation.

This is horrifying. Rich The Kid suddenly dropped a photo on Instagram with no caption of himself in the hospital. He appears to be seriously injured, but there’s no information on how he was injured, when it happened, or how he’s doing now. Rich is wearing a neck brace, and is breathing through an oxygen tube. He has nodes on his chest, much like when a person undergoes an EKG test, and an icepack on his left hand. There are so many tubes. To make the gruesome scene worse, it appears that Rich is unconscious, or at least resting with his eyes closed. You can see his photo below. HollywoodLife has reached out to Rich’s rep for more information on what happened.

His fans were understandably freaking out in the comments of his upsetting post, many of them sending prayers and love. “Bro my prayers toward your health, thats not how it ends for you, ull be bigger after this experience!!!!! GOD loves you big bro Irving leyend rise Up!!!!!”, one person commented. “Get well rich🙏.All these ppl with the negativity have to understand this could happen to your moms💯”, wrote another fan. “Cmon rich your gonna make it through this💯💪”.

Some fans speculated in the comments that his injuries were the result of another fight with his nemesis Lil Uzi Vert. There is no evidence that this is the case. “Uzi get down like that tho?” one fan wrote, while another chimed in with, “lil Uzi caught up to him LOL”. Two weeks ago, Rich and Uzi got into a massive brawl in Philadelphia, having a screaming match in the street that tumbled into a Starbucks. However, it never got physical. At least, they were stopped before it did.

This story is still developing. HollywoodLife will keep you updated about Rich’s hospitalization as more information becomes available. 

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