‘Rick and Morty’ Renewed For A Whopping 70 More Episodes

Bust out the celebratory Szechuan sauce!

The fate of the popular animated series “Rick and Morty” has been up in the air since season three wrapped in October 2017. But fans can now rejoice because Adult Swim has ordered a staggering 70 new episodes, co-creator Justin Roiland (and the voice of both title characters) announced Thursday on Twitter.

Adult Swim backed up the claim.

Co-creator Dan Harmon did … uh, this:

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And Kanye West was so excited about the news that he didn’t even bother to use periods when tweeting about it!

Since the show debuted in 2013, it has created 31 episodes in three seasons, which means the order is more than double the number of episodes that the show has already produced.

The series also has a reputation for having long hiatuses between seasons. Over a year passed before season two debuted and there was a two-year gap between seasons two and three (One episode, however, was released in April 2017 while the next episode came out in late July 2017.) The show, however, is self-aware of its exceptional lulls and at the end of season four, a character broke the fourth wall and told the audience they’ll “see ya in season four in, like, a really long time.”

Adult Swim did not provide any information when the next season would premiere, but at this rate, we’ll be seeing “Rick and Morty” for years (and years and years) to come!

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