Rihanna hilariously teases her fans about how her ninth album isn’t coming out

I covered Rihanna’s Interview Magazine cover story last month, and I loved how much she talked about work and how hard she works on all of her various projects. Just in the past four years, she’s successfully launched Fenty Beauty, her hugely successful makeup line. She’s also now doing a stand-alone Fenty fashion line with LVMH, which I’m sure will also make billions of dollars. She’s also been acting (Guava Island, Ocean’s Eight), and doing all of her charity work and trying to maintain her quiet relationship with her boyfriend Hassan. All in all, she hasn’t had time to write and record a new album. Her last studio album was in 2016, Anti, which I’m honestly still listening to (it’s a good album). But Rihanna’s Navy has been begging for a new album for the past two years. She halfway promised them some new music at some point this year. And then she had the nerve to post this:

— Rihanna (@rihanna) July 11, 2019

Rihanna never gets enough credit for being really good at social media. She’s not on her social constantly, but her team always updates her Twitter and IG with new products, new photoshoots, new content. But every so often, I think Rihanna is like “I wanna do a meme” or “this will be funny, check this out” and she posts something hilarious. Anyway, I’m not part of the Navy, so I didn’t feel attacked by this. I like Rihanna a lot and I would love new music, but I’m going to trust that she knows what she’s doing! Maybe we’ll get a Rihanna 2020 album. Also: Rihanna posted this and Twitter was down for hours for a lot of people – coincidence or nah??

Anyway, the best part about the meme was the Navy freaking out in her comments.

— tré (@TreMelvin) July 11, 2019

— c (@chuuzus) July 11, 2019

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