Rob McElhenney Talked About How Easy It Was To Get His Body In Chippendales' Shape For "It's Always Sunny…"

With Ryan Murphy on his way to Netflix, FX had to give us thirsty hos a reason to still tune in for shows with hunka-hunka burning pieces of man meat. I just never expected it to be Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Since the 7thseason, Mac has been a little more – ah – voluptuous because he tried to “cultivate mass” in the so-called wrong way to get muscle. Well, the 13thseason dropped this week, and Mac is a Grade-A tall glass of leche.

Vulture and others say that while it still isn’t clear on the show why Mac got so buff, Rob McElhenney took to Instagram to tell us how: if you’re willing to give up Chili’s, booze, and, in general, anything remotely fun, you can ALSO have a jacked body…and be a fun sponge:

Yep, that’s nine hours of sleeping, six days of lifting, three miles of running (daily), no carbs or booze…and a partridge in a pear tree. Well, that and a studio that will pay for your ass to work with a trainer who will humiliate you for even thinking about Krispy Kreme.  Rob previously told Reuters of what it took to gain the 50 pounds to be “Fat Mac,” and that was five 1,000-calorie meals each day, and I’m a little stunned. All the years, and I just assumed that’s what all the celebrity trainers meant were your five “tiny” meals a day to lose weight!

Pic: Instagram

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