Did Robbie Williams break Russian law by doing THIS at World Cup?

Robbie Williams might have landed himself in hot water after a shock moment in his performance at the World Cup opening ceremony in Russia.

The singer controversially flicked his middle finger at the camera during the set on Thursday, which may have broken the country’s laws given that they have clamped down on swearing in the media.

In 2014 legalisation was brought in taking a stricter stance towards the use of explicit language in public performances, and according to The Independent those who get caught swearing may face ‘fines of between $70 and $1,400 depending on whether they’re an individual, an official or an organisation’.


However, it’s thought unlikely that Robbie, 44, will ever be fined.

The move certainly proved to be a talking point on social media, with many fans divided over the Take That star’s actions.

‘I can’t stand Robbie Williams, what he did yesterday was a disgrace on live telly with kids watching aswell. Grow up and stop being a show off,’ one Twitter user wrote, whilst another said: ‘Ask a child to do something, you expect childish behavior. This singer (debatable) representing UK, with the whole world watching, when things with Russia are on a knife edge, a disgrace.’

Ouch. Others seemed more forgiving, with one fan tweeting: ‘Okay, look, are people really offended by Robbie Williams throwing up the middle finger?They clearly don’t know Robbie Williams. The guy who introduces himself at every show as “ROBBIE F***ING WILLIAMS!!!”’

Robbie gave the gesture just moments after he changed a lyric in Rock DJ to ‘I did this for free’.

During the performance the music star sang hits including Angels, Let Me Entertain You and Feel.

His set might have proved controversial but one person who definitely loved it was Robbie’s wife Ayda Field, who posted a smiley selfie with the singer and his dad Pete Conway afterwards.

‘Post-show joy with @robbiewilliams and Pete…so proud of my hubby!! ❤❤Boyhood fantasy complete✅ #worldcup2018 #worldclass #epic,’ the actress proudly wrote.


It comes amid reports that the couple – who have been married since 2010 and are parents to daughter Teddy and son Charlton – are set to join The X Factor judging panel.

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