Robert Pattinson Is Ready To Play Edward Cullen ‘At A Moment’s Notice’!

Robert Pattinson is ready and willing to resurrect Edward Cullen.

Sure, he may be in his thirties now, but the British actor says he’s fully prepared to play an undead teenager if another installment of Twilight somehow makes it to the big screen.

In a new interview with Variety, he joked:

“The amount of time I’ve spent moisturizing, I’m ready to play 17 at a moment’s notice. Ready!”

Ha! He could totally still pass for a teen vampire… who got a little too much sun damage, maybe.

It may be 10 years since the final installment in the franchise, Breaking Dawn Part 2, was released, but the 32-year-old actor says he feels like “not a day has passed” since he played the brooding vamp.

He also defended the films against those who claim it’s their “guilty” pleasure, adding:

“Whenever anyone says that their guilty pleasure, it’s like, you say guilty, what you really mean is just pleasure.”

Pattinson sure has given us plenty of pleasure in the form of Edward Cullen, so it’s great to hear he’s willing to give us some more.

Let’s just hope Kristen Stewart feels the same way.

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