The Rock Disses DJ Khaled On His Oral Sex Ban: I’ve Mastered ‘ALL Performances’

Even The Rock laid the smack down on DJ Khaled after the hip-hop heavyweight says he doesn’t perform oral sex on his wife. With some ‘masterful’ shade, Dwayne Johnson showed why he’s one of the most desirable hunks in Hollywood today.

“Ahem… *clears throat*,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 46, tweeted on May 6, days after the world learned that DJ Khaled, 42, refuses to perform oral sex on his wife “As a man, I take great pride in mastering ALL performances. This is probably a little TMI.. I will now quietly excuse myself from this fun thread.” Well, there you have it. In just a single tweet, The Rock demonstrated how to build up some anticipation, before zoning in on the point – and finishing up before lingering too long to where it becomes uncomfortable. It was almost like, in a single tweet, he was giving a sex ed class to DJ Khaled about what he should be doing in the bedroom.

Or, maybe The Rock was just flexing for all his adoring female fans who would love to experience such an intimate “performance” from The Rock? Either way, the Fast and the Furious star delivered a beatdown on Khaled’s selfish sexual habits. As previously reported, DJ Khaled came under fire after a 2015 appearance on The Breakfast Club was dug up, revealing that he doesn’t perform orally on his wife but expects her to do that for him. “There’s different rules for men,” he said. “You gotta understand. We the King. There’s some things that y’all might not want to do, but it’s gotta get done.

From there, everyone was dunking on DJ Khaled about his remarks. Smash Mouth – yes, the band – tweeted that “a king who doesn’t is no king at all.” Richard Marx, 54, the soft-rock icon, totally dragged DJ Khaled. “1. He’s missing out. 2. I bet some other guy isn’t.” Hell, even bodied Khaled. “Double standard. A code containing different provisions for one group of people than for another, especially an unwritten code of sexual behavior permitting men more freedom than women. See also: DJ Khaled.”

Perhaps the person who was most disappointed in hearing this clip was T.I., 37. Tip, who famously worked with DJ Khaled on “We Takin’ Over,” thinks that DJ Khaled needs to step up. Tip takes pride in satisfying his woman – Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 42 – and also “gets great pleasure from it,” a source close to the rapper EXCLUSIVELY tells On top of that, T.I. believes “all red-blooded men should” follow his example. Though, no matter what Tip, The Rock, or even the Dictionary tells him, it seems that DJ Khaled is going to stick to his guns and keep his mouth from going below the border when he gets between the sheets.

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