Rolling Stones could keep on rocking until 60th anniversary in 2022

The Stones could keep on Rolling until 2022 when they will celebrate the band’s 60th anniversary.

The legendary rockers’ team hinted they have the milestone in their sights as they kicked off their No Filter UK and European tour tonight.

A source said: “It’s unlikely the Stones won’t celebrate 60 years of the band in some capacity.

"They could well be on stage still playing and writing music.”

Manager Joyce Smyth suggested before their gig at Croke Park in Dublin that the tour might not be the band’s last.

She told Music Week: “The Last Time has not been on the set list in recent years and I don’t think it will be on this one either. When you want to keep going, you keep going.

"There is no reverse gear for this band, it’s onwards and upwards and pushing forwards the whole time.”

The Rolling Stones’ first ever live performance was on July 12, 1962, at the iconic Marquee Club on Oxford Street in Central London.

Lighting guru Patrick Woodroffe, who has worked with the Stones for decades, said of them keeping going: “If you’re that good at something and that many people want to watch you, and you still enjoy doing it, you’d be pretty crazy not to.”

And he insisted they would never “formalise” a retirement tour. He said: “I think one day it will go, ‘we’ve been offered this many shows, is everyone up for it?’ And somebody will decide ‘no, I don’t feel like it.’ And that will be it.”

Ronnie Wood’s wife Sally posted a picture of their one-year-old twins Gracie Jane and Alice Rose as the Stones were soundchecking in Dublin.

The tour continues at the London Stadium, St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, the Ricoh Stadium in Coventry, Old Trafford football stadium in Manchester, Murrayfield in Edinburgh and Principality Stadium in Cardiff before finishing back in London at Twickenham.

Mick Jagger, 74, Keith Richards, 74, Charlie Watts, 76, and Ronnie, 70, will then play in Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Keith previously raised the prospect of playing until 2022 five years ago, saying: “All these zeros keep zooming by. I don’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be a 60th. Either that or we ‘croak’ on the job!”

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