Rose McGowan Forced to Have Long Hair to Get Hired in Hollywood

The ‘Charmed’ actress first shaved her head in 2015 but a female Hollywood executive told her no one would hire her if she didn’t conform to society’s beauty standards.

AceShowbizRose McGowan felt like men “could hear the words coming out of my mouth for the first time” when she shaved off her hair.

The “Charmed” actress finally shaved off her hair in 2015, after sporting a pixie cut for a while beforehand. And speaking to Hunger magazine, she confessed she only sported her former long tresses at the advice of Hollywood executives.

“I always had short hair growing up. Then when I was in Hollywood, they told me I had to have long hair otherwise the men wouldn’t want to f**k me,” she said, adding, “If they didn’t want to f**k me, they wouldn’t hire me. A woman told me that.”

However, Rose admitted, “The longer my hair is, the less powerful I feel,” before suggesting her current cropped look forces people to take her more seriously.

“The side effect I noticed when I shaved my head is that men could hear the words coming out of my mouth for the first time,” the Scream actress revealed. “They couldn’t hear me before. I had not expected that.”

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