Rostam Drops ‘In A River’

Rostam Batmanglij has shared his new single “In a River” a year after releasing his solo debut, Half-Light.

In a press release, Rostam narrates his experiences of the song’s studio recording. “I often want the songs I produce to be meeting places for organic and electronic sounds— old traditions and new ones. ‘In a River’ is new territory for me because although it’s a studio recording, it’s pulling from one of the oldest traditions in music, a live performance in front of an audience.”

“We are swimming / with no clothes on / in a river in the dark. / And I am holding / onto you, boy / in the faint light of the stars.” Met with the pinnacle of Mandolin solo, the lyrics end with, “We are lying on the beach now / everything is warm / we are staying up through a wild night / we are staying up in the faint light / of the headlights / of passing cars,” he sings on the new track

The Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer is set to headline the Fonda Theater in Hollywood on Friday.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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