Royalty Brown’s Mom’s House Robbed While Dad Chris In Paris — Is Royalty Ok?

As if Chris Brown needed any more stress. While he was dealing with rape allegations in France, the mother of his daughter, Royalty Brown, reportedly had her house ransacked!

First, Chris Brown, 29, was accused of raping a woman in Paris. Then, Nia Guzman, 35, gets robbed. The mother of Chris’s daughter, Royalty Brown, 4, had her Los Angeles home burglarized, according to TMZ. The publication’s sources claim that someone broke into her apartment on Tuesday (Jan. 24) night. The robbers reportedly stole a ton of designer bags and shoes that belonged to Nia, her oldest daughter and to Royalty. Speaking of which, is everyone okay?

Thankfully, it sounds like no was home during the heist. Nia, sources told TMZ, was visiting her mom in the apartment next door when everything went down. Nia, according to the sources, believes “someone’s been watching her routine” because they hit her home while she was visiting her mom. Nia supposedly left the lights and TV on while she stepped out, but “her door was unlocked.” TMZ’s law enforcement sources confirm the burglary, and they report that while the LAPD is investigating, there aren’t any suspects or leads yet.

Chris might want to give Nia some recommendations when it comes to home security. In May 2015, a woman allegedly broke into his Agoura Hills home where she spray-painted “I LOVE YOU” on his kitchen counter while vandalizing his cars by tagging “MRS. BROWN” on both of them. When the cops arrived, they found the woman naked in his bed. Then, in July of that year, three armed men broke into his San Fernando home. After holding his aunt at gunpoint, they ransacked the place. Though his aunt wasn’t hurt in the robbery, Nia “chewed out [Chris] for days” afterward, a source told

Nia’s home robbery comes on the heels of Chris’s latest drama. The problematic singer was arrested in France after a woman accused him of raping her. T.I., The Game, Winnie Harlow, Jacquees, Justin Bieber and more publicly supported Chris against the accusations. Chris was released without charges or conditions because the police reportedly didn’t believe her story. The case is still under investigation, and Chris’s lawyer in France, Raphael Chiche, officially filed a defamation lawsuit on Jan. 24, accusing the woman of making a “false accusation,” while citing a criminal statute that relates to invasion of privacy. Violating the French law could result in a maximum of one year in prison.

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