Rudy Giuliani reveals he’s dating a political operative from Louisiana

Rudy Giuliani revealed early Thursday that he’s been dating a political operative from Louisiana.

The former mayor, who is now working as personal lawyer to President Trump, said his relationship with Jennifer LeBlanc, a 56-year-old political fundraiser from Lafayette, Louisiana, began only after his separation from wife No. 3 Judith Nathan.

“Yes I have gone out with her (LeBlanc) three times starting two or three weeks ago,” Giuliani told The Post.

“We are still only friends. It will, I hope, continue if we can have some privacy. Just don’t know what this fascination is with us or the mean-ness toward Dr. Ryan where nothing was going on but friendship.“

Ryan is New Hampshire hospital administrator Maria Ryan, who multiple sources said the 74-year-old had an affair with before his split.

The mayor insisted again Thursday that he’s never been romantically involved with Ryan.

“Oh come on leave Maria alone. My separation from Judith has nothing to do with either Maria or Jennifer,” the former mayor said. “Judith sued me for divorce over two months ago. I formally agreed soon thereafter. No one was named [in the divorce papers]; it was irreconcilable differences.

“My seeing Jennifer began three weeks ago after my legal separation. That is no concern of anyone.”

LeBlanc did not return messages seeking her comment late Wednesday night.

Additional reporting by David K. Li

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