Rush’s Alex Lifeson Shares Thoughts On ‘Heartbreaking’ Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson in a new interview has shared his thoughts on the “heartbreaking” Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“When this all started happening a month ago, my mother said it was so shocking to her because she remembered when the Nazis came into her town in Serbia very early in the (Second World War) and how terrified they were and how brutal they were,” said Lifeson, who is the son of Serbian immigrants from Yugoslavia. “It just seemed to go on and on and on. Then finally the Russians came and got rid of the Germans … and they were quite brutal in a different way. Any invading army is.”

“We could say what the Americans did in Iraq was just as brutal as what we’re seeing. But this is so seemingly uncalled for, so medieval and so wrong in so many ways,” he said in an interview to Regina-Leader Post.

Lifeson added, “It’s heartbreaking to see what happened and the frustrations of not being able to do something about it.”

Lifeson said the public has no idea about “The politics that goes on behind closed doors ….between the major leaders of countries around the world.”

The self-titled debut album from the 68-year-old Canadian guitarist’s new band, Envy Of None, is set for release on April 18. One of its songs is dedicated to late drum legend Neil Peart.

(Photo: Richard Sibbald)

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