Russell Wilson contract details: QB has new contract with Seattle Seahawks [Video]

The Russell Wilson contract details were just revealed online. The quarterback and the Seattle Seahawks have agreed to a four-year contract extension, reaching terms just as the deadline arrived.

The details of the new Russell Wilson contract were posted online by ESPN’s Adam Schefter and then confirmed by the quarterback himself in a social media video.

“Hey Seattle, we got a deal. Go hawks.”

Those are the words that Wilson stated in the quick video that is shared below. He posted the 20-second clip with his wife, Ciara, giving fans the official nod that he does have a new contract in place with the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson contract details

The Seattle Seahawks have signed Russell Wilson to a four-year deal worth $140 million. He receives a $65 million signing bonus and he now becomes the highest-paid player in the NFL. The 30-year-old quarterback had previously signed a four-year extension worth $87.6 million in July 2015.

It hasn’t been revealed whether Wilson’s new deal will replace the one he has in place or if the Seahawks just added four more years on the end of his previous deal. Those details should be revealed to the public at some point on Tuesday (April 16), when both sides will likely confirm what has taken place. If it is an addition, then Wilson is under contract for five more years and will receive $157 million total. He will also have a no-trade clause in place.

It’s huge that the two sides came to an agreement, as it had appeared that the self-imposed deadline of midnight on the evening of April 15 had been crossed.

Seahawks won’t trade Wilson

The big takeaway from this situation is that the Seahawks now have no incentive to trade Wilson to another franchise. There had been rumors that he was being courted by the New York Giants, but it now appears more likely that Wilson could finish out his NFL career in the Pacific Northwest.

This is almost the exact deal that was rumored to be part of the demands that Russell Wilson gave the Seattle Seahawks. Working with just the $140 million total value of the contract extension, that works out to an average salary of $35 million a year. That would make him the highest paid player in the NFL.

The Seahawks have a lot left to get done during the NFL offseason, including adding some more weapons at the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft. Surrounding Wilson with talent just got a bit more difficult, though, as his future salaries could force the Seahawks to get creative under the salary cap. But at least the Seahawks have a starting quarterback to count on for many more years.

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