Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Deadpool Footage Leak

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool screening

Ryan Reynolds is still trying to figure out who leaked early footage of the first Deadpool movie four years ago.

Before its release in 2016, Reynolds said that his relationship with the film was the best and worst he’s ever had, as he struggled to get the project green-lit for 11 years.

But after test footage of the film was leaked on the internet, it immediately got the go-ahead.


“We even made a taster, but that sat on the shelf for four years until someone leaked it on the web, and then within 24 hours it got the green light,” he said on the Graham Norton Show.

Two years later, Reynolds now has two Deadpool films under his belt, so he must be utterly furious at whoever leaked that footage.

To mark the four-year anniversary of the leak, the actor took to Twitter to announce that he is taking over the investigation. Uh-oh.

It’s the 4 year Leak-iversery. UPDATE: Still searching for the bastard who leaked our test footage onto the internet causing Deadpool to receive a green light. Taking over the investigation myself. #Angry. pic.twitter.com/gJ1Y5HSWlc

“It’s the 4 year Leak-iversery,” he wrote. “UPDATE: Still searching for (the person) who leaked our test footage on to the internet causing Deadpool to receive a green light. Taking over the investigation myself. #Angry.”

Some incredibly perceptive Deadpool fans have suggested that Reynolds himself or the studio deliberately leaked their own footage to help promote the film.

Fox have identified one likely leaker, but his lips are sealed. They plan to continue their investigation as soon as they’re done diving, Scrooge McDuck style, into their merger money. pic.twitter.com/uxYmAInJFI

We know it was you, Mr. Reynolds. ?


So you’re saying there was no collusion between you and DP to leak the footage in order to garner public interest in a movie. Cool ? ???

We’re sure they’d never do such a fiendish thing.

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