The sad truth about Ant is even nice guys can act shabbily

It’s time for Ant McPartlin to ‘move on’. Well, that’s what his friends say.

They reckon since splitting with wife Lisa after 23 years together he deserves new happiness just ten months later.

Seems pretty sharpish to me.

And that’s if you buy the timeline of events as widely publicised by Team Ant.

Which it doesn’t appear his estranged wife Lisa does.

But Lisa lacks a highly paid PR team and so the narrative arc (as they say) of this story has been scripted by the folk who earn their living out of keeping TV’s Mr Nice Guy as just that.

I’ve no reason to think deep down Ant is anything other than a Nice Guy.

But even Nice Guys can act shabbily.

For while Ant was busy battling his ‘demons’ – prescription drugs, the less frequently discussed non-prescription drugs and alcohol – Lisa was there supporting him and holding the marriage together.

Only she and he know how dark those days really were.

But Lisa must have clung to the hope that when the light came at the end of that dark tunnel, she’d be there to enjoy it.

Not so.

Instead, by complete coincidence, his PA had just split with her husband and was there to enjoy the sunshine.

Which Lisa discovered in a 5am tweet this Sunday morning.

Ant must have known the story he was dating his PA Anne-Marie Corbett – Lisa’s friend – was emerging on Sunday morning. Yet he didn’t warn Lisa it was coming.

And lacking a public relations strategy Lisa had to resort to telling her side of the story with a heartbreak emoji.

In response came detailed briefings about how mum-of-two Anne-Marie was never great friends with Lisa after all.

It’s all pretty unseemly. And ultimately very sad.

Of course relationships break down. And of course people have the right to move on and be happy.

But it’s cruel to build that happiness on the heartbreak of an ex who’s been cheated of the truth.

A million more times so when the situation is played out in public view.

If Ant had told Lisa from the start about his new relationship all this could have been avoided.

Ant may feel he’s being very generous to his ex as he negotiates the financial end to their marriage.

But it’d do them both far more good if he were more generous with the truth.

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