SAG-AFTRA Rips Movie Academy For Allegedly Keeping Presenters Away From Other Awards Shows

SAG-AFTRA has called out Oscar organizer the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences about allegedly keeping talent the latter secures as presenters for the Oscarcast away from other awards shows — including apparently the actors’ own SAG Awards.

In an unusually strongly worded statement, the actors union said it has received “multiple reports” of AMPAS exerting “extraordinary and unwarranted pressure on talent to hold them from appearing at other award presentations.”

“We have received multiple reports of these activities and have experienced firsthand the Academy’s graceless pressure tactics and attempts to control the awards show talent pipeline,” the union said in a release Monday. “Awards season is a very special time when actors and actresses are being appropriately celebrated and recognized for the outstanding quality of their work. We would expect the Academy to honor these goals.

“This self-serving intimidation of SAG-AFTRA members is meant to limit their opportunities to be seen and honor the work of their fellow artists throughout the season. Actors should be free to accept any offer to participate in industry celebrations.”

Deadline has reached out to the Academy for comment.

SAG AFTRA hinted that the alleged “intimidation” includes keeping talent from presenting at the SAG Awards, the union’s annual awards show that this year is set for January 27. This would be the time that organizers are ecuring commitments for presenters and other show participants.

“The apparent attempt by the Academy to keep our members from presenting on their own awards show is utterly outrageous and unacceptable,” the SAG-AFTRA statement continued. “The SAG Awards supports their union’s operations and important charitable assistance programs that provide valuable support to performers.

“We call on the Academy to cease this inappropriate action.”

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