Sam Faiers defended over controversial snaps of her children

Sam Faiers is certainly one lady who has her life together. She has a sparkling career, bangin’ wardrobe, fabulous family and is an all round lovely human being.

However, the former TOWIE babe has quite the online status (a two-million following, FYI), and so is often forced to face social media criticism.

Most recently, the 27-year-old managed to divide fans after taking her two tots, two-year-old Paul and nine-month-old Rosie, for a family day out to the zoo.

Sharing their family day trip on Instagram, the Essex lady captioned a series of snaps with a message reading: ‘Fun family morning out. Paul’s favourite thing is animals’.

Sam added: ‘So wonderful to see his little face light up when he sees them in the real.

The post includes some photos of Paul enjoying his visit as well as a few videos of the animals prowling their cages.

Whilst Sam and co appeared to have a lovely day out, fans are currently locked in a heated debate over the ethical issues involving zoos.

In fact, many are outraged that Sam has taken her children to a place which is subject to much criticism for keeping animals in captivity.

One user said: ‘Beautiful animals like that should not be locked up. That poor lioness going out of her mind. Shame on you’.

Another wrote: ‘The animals look so fed up poor things ? I’d never take any child to a zoo!’

Agreeing, another shared: ‘Poor lion ? pacing up and down…so sad to see these animals in captivity’.

However, whilst Sam has sparked outrage with some followers, many of her fans have been quick to defend the lovely lady.

One user hit back: ‘What parent doesn’t take their children to the zoo!! The animals are well looked after & fed!’

Agreeing, another added: ‘She’s an amazing mum, her kids are loved, well looked after and I believe showing them these amazing animals is educating them! Leave her alone.’

A third shared: ‘Don’t attack people, even though it’s wrong Sam is not an idiot you don’t know how the animals are treated’.

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