Samantha Markle Went To Kensington Palace To Confront Meghan, Which Only Resulted In Embarrassment

Although nobody knew for sure what Samantha Markle had in mind during her trip to the U.K., it wasn’t until she actually showed up at Kensington Palace that people realized she was going to attempt the impossible: a meeting with Meghan. Of course, had Samantha shown up invited, it would have been a different story. But thanks to the family fallout following the royal wedding, the duchess reportedly had zero interest in seeing her half-sister.

It’s hard to know whether Samantha really thought she would be allowed inside. At any rate, the sister showed up at the palace with a partner, and had a “stand off” with police guards, detailed the Mirror.

This is reportedly what happened, according to the Sun.

“[Samantha] went to the gates and tried to reason with them. She explained she had been in touch with palace ­officials and claimed they had ignored her advances, leaving her no choice but to arrive uninvited.”

In the end, she was turned away, but she handed the guard a letter that she hopes will be given to Meghan. After the confrontation with the police, Samantha opted to stay and buy some souvenirs, including masks of Meghan and Harry’s faces.

Photos show that Samantha was being pushed in her wheelchair by a middle-aged man, who’s so far unnamed. Markle wore some bright blue pants, white long-sleeved shirt, and a black sweater over her shoulders.

The result of this visit will be further embarrassment for Meghan, and this is what a source said.

“It was a scene that will bring huge humiliation for the newlyweds who have not seen Meghan’s father or her siblings since they wed in May.”

And it appears that Samantha really did demand a meeting, but obviously her requests were not granted. Some people have accused the sister of using her moment in the limelight for monetary gain, so if she’s trying to garner publicity, then it was a stunt that worked.

Part of what Samantha was trying to communicate to the palace was the following.

“She said words to the effect that if the Palace didn’t do something to help mend the rift now, something may happen to their dad, who is in ill health. The ­suggestion was that if the rift was left unhealed it would be their fault.”

This is hardly the first time that we’ve heard this threat. In fact, Thomas also complained that he may not have long to live, back when he was giving interviews.

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