When Sandra Bullock Met Prince, Things Didn’t Go as Planned 

As an A-lister with decades in the industry under her belt, an IMDb page that rivals anyone and everyone’s, and a buzzy summer movie around the corner (Ocean’s 8 hits theaters June 8), you might say that Sandra Bullock is an unfrazzled Hollywood pro by now.

But while the actress is undoubtedly a powerhouse, even she gets rattled sometimes. When Bullock met the late artist Prince, the experience left her completely starstruck in a whole new way—and she’s the first to admit it. As she covered InStyle‘s June 2018 issue, Bullock filled out a questionnaire in which she revealed details about what it was like when the two met face to face for the first time.

Read on for Bullock’s responses to our InStyle questionnaire, where she dishes about meeting Prince, her beauty must-haves, and the thought that keeps her up at night.

I will never throw out my… Mom’s purple and black leopard print silk scarf, and her black and white leather pants, and her wedding dress that she made by hand. She had incredible style.

A thought that keeps me up at night is… Am I a good mother?

My 3 most treasured possessions (other than people) are… My Memories, my moments, and my fun.

I was so starstruck when I met… Prince. After I met him, I kept walking back and forth in front of his table hoping he would invite me to come talk … but nope … his eyes just followed me making sure I was keeping a safe distance.

3 items on my bucket list are… This is a question I struggle with a lot. I have done so much in my life, that I feel guilty for wishing for more good adventures. So I would have to say … growing old and watching who my kids grow up to be.

My favorite app is… The turbulence app. I am a horrible flyer and this little gem lets me know where all hell may be breaking loose! I think Sarah Paulson is the only other human being I know who also uses this app. That’s why I love her.

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Would someone please invent… Safe time travel where you could go back and experience moments you may have wasted or missed.

My last big splurge was… Two Jeanneret chairs for the “sexy-time, music lounge” [a room in her house].

My beauty must haves are… Facials facials facials, especially micro needling. Also lip balm, brow gel, and a great face cream.

The most surprising staple in my beauty routine is… an LED mask.

My wardrobe staple isLounge wear.

My favorite handbag is… Anything large enough to carry my office in as well as every possible item the kids may need.

My current shoe obsession is… Crisp white sneakers.

A summer wardrobe essential for me is… Jumpsuits, lots of them!

My top shopping spot is… I will never give that away. 😉

My go-to nail polish shade is… Butter London matte top coat.

My favorite activity is… Road trips.

If I weren’t an actress I would probably be… An architect.

My fave childhood memories are…

  • Washing our hair outside during a rain storm.
  • The skateboard and bike ramp we built on our street that was the cause of many of my face and head scars.
  • Fireflies.
  • Kissing boys in the neighbor’s garden shed.
  • Our time in Europe with our family sitting around a table with heaps of good food in the evenings.
  • And that time that I “allegedly” told my little sister that the bidet in the hotel was for little kids to wash their face in. I was horrible.

—With reporting by Glynis Costin

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