Scott Baio Will Not Be Prosecuted for Alleged Sexual Assault

Nicole Eggert previously claimed Baio molested her on multiple occasions during the filming of 1980s TV sitcom ‘Charles in Charge’.

Scott Baio won’t be prosecuted for allegedly sexually assaulting actress Nicole Eggert when she was a teenager, even though law officials found her version of events “credible”.

The actress claimed Baio molested her on multiple occasions when they were castmates on 1980s TV sitcom “Charles in Charge” – and she was a minor, but he maintains he had sex with Nicole once, after she turned 18.

Sources tell TMZ she sat down with the Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney on Wednesday, May 23, and repeated her allegations.

The D.A. reportedly suggested the case was “potentially prosecutable”, but the statute of limitations ruled it a non-starter – when the alleged assaults occurred, an accuser had three years to file suit and press charges.

Eggert tells TMZ, “I always knew this case was beyond statutes of limitations and unfortunately the D.A. would not be able to prosecute Scott Baio. However, I also knew the importance of laying the groundwork for any future victims of Baio’s that may come forward and to warn parents who might unknowingly allow their children to be alone with this molester.

“I could no longer keep up the lie he conditioned me into and felt it a mother’s responsibility to put the truth out there.”

Baio has yet to comment on the District Attorney’s decision, but previously denied the allegations in a Facebook Live video, and his lawyers also sent Nicole a cease-and-desist letter making it clear that if she continued to “repeat accusations against Mr. Baio that involve coercion or activity with you when you were underage, Mr. Baio will not hesitate to take legal action against you and to seek all available remedies.”

They added: “Especially in the charged environment of today’s media, any such accusation will cause Mr. Baio to suffer tremendous and ongoing damage in his personal and professional endeavors.”

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