Selena Gomez In Glasses — Hasn’t Justin Bieber Worn These Before?

Selena Gomez’s outfit at the Prada Resort Fashion show on May 4 was stunning, but we’re particularly taken by her accessories. Isn’t she wearing the same pair of glasses that ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber has?

Those glasses look kind of familiar, don’t they? Selena Gomez, 26, went geek chic for the Prada Resort Collection fashion show in New York City in a rather unique outfit that departs from her usual classic, chic style. The “Wolves” singer donned a floral satin midi dress embellished with lace, very reminiscent of 90s Courtney Love. Or, you know, a fancy nightgown. She accessorized with a mismatched brown leather bag, black mules, and a pair of oversized, wire-rimmed specs straight from the 70s. The aviators would be a conversation starter by themselves, but there’s more to the story here.

Her recent ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, 24, has an identical (or at least very similar) pair! We first saw JB wearing these frames while he was out and about in Los Angeles in January 2017. At the time, Selena was still dating The Weeknd, and Justin was spending time getting to know himself. Wearing glasses was apparently part of that! He looked super cute, of course. Selena actually rocked these wire-rimmed glasses once before, when she and Justin were together and in their clone couple phase. We haven’t seen her in them since, though! Interesting that she would dust them off for a fashion show, right? Justin’s still so head over heels for Selena that we wouldn’t be surprised if he were spotted hanging out while wearing his again in a couple days!

Of course, these two aren’t the only celebs who love a good pair of wire frames. In fact, Justin’s friends Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin have all worn them at one point. Is this the new squad? Do you have to own a pair of nerdy glasses to sit with them at lunch? Well, Selena’s got an in now!

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