Selena Gomez’s Recovery Certainly Seems to Involve a Lot of Puma Gear and Taylor Swift Merch

Selena Gomez made another hiking appearance yesterday, the second so far this week. This time Selena was filmed all in black, smiling as she again hiked trails around Malibu, California with friends.

As in other Selena appearances that she has made since her return from rehab, the pop singer was happy making her latest public foray dressed in apparel related to two global brands that she does not mind hyping: Puma and Taylor Swift.

In pics of her hike, Selena could be seen rocking a pair of black Puma leggings and trainers. She is also wearing what appears to be the same Taylor Swift Reputation Tour hoodie that she also wore snow tubing with friends earlier in the week.

Even pursuing a healthy life style, Selena appears to still be able to plug the stuff she cares about …

You can check out Selena on her hike in some videos and pics below.

(Image source: Ana Twitter account)

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