Shailene Woodley Scares The S**t Out Of Ellen DeGeneres With A Shocking Confession!

It’s absolutely no secret that Ellen DeGeneres loves scaring people!

Guests of her award-winning talk show and its crew are routinely subjected to the daytime TV host’s guilty pleasure of mercilessly frightening people when they least expect it.

But it looks like HBO star Shailene Woodley has figured out a way to turn the tables and scare the funny woman in a way no one else has before!

On Thursday, the 27-year-old actress stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to promote the upcoming second season of Big Little Lies, which returns to the small screen on June 9.

In addition to participating in an interview about the show, Woodley tried her hand at game of “Woodley Have Done It?” For the special segment, DeGeneres shares a series of interesting stories about the actress’ life and tries to guess which tales are true or false.

At first, the daytime TV host actually gets a few stories right, getting Shailene to confirm some pretty off-the-wall rumors about herself.

For instance, she confirmed she once lived in an RV for two months and slept in Walmart parking lots. She also verified she eats clay and uses sesame oil for pulling to whiten her teeth.

Woodley has been a famed oil-puller for years, speaking candidly about this habit as far back as 2014. DeGeneres, however, doesn’t really get oil pulling, so she responded by confidently saying:

“You probably floss a lot too.”

Now THIS is where it gets interesting…

Cowering in shame at what’s about to come out of her mouth next, the Divergent actress sheepishly admitted:

“I don’t floss.”

That’s it, y’all! Those three little words weren’t a big little lie… that’s the truth!

That response was enough to finally “scare” Ellen. The horrified look on her face really said it all.

Flabbergasted, she responded to her guest, saying:

“What?! What is wrong with you?! I was so into you until then.”

Woodley laughed and tried to defend herself by noting that after all the brushing and pulling she does, it seems extra to floss as well. But that reply just wasn’t enough!

WATCH a horrified Ellen try to make sense of it all in the funny segment (below):

Ha! Who knew it would take just one confession about flossing to stop DeGeneres dead in her tracks?!

If only previous guest Sarah Paulson — who famously tried and failed to scare the host back in January before getting scared herself again — would’ve known. LOLz…

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

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