Shannon Beador: MASSIVE Income Revealed in Divorce Documents!

Last fall, divorce documents exposed Shannon Beador’s insane spending.

This week, she was back in court, battling it out with her ex-husband, David.

This struggle has revealed Shannon’s income … and that David remains furious at how much support he is paying out.

On Wednesday, February 6, Shannon Beador filed court documents as part of her divorce battle.

RadarOnline got a hold of these papers and learned a lot about the RHOC star’s finances.

Shannon says that, in 2017, she raked in about $423,000 for the year.

Given her tax bracket, she expects to pay approximately half of those earnings in taxes.

(Notably, tax brackets are a little more complicated than that, as different amounts are taxed at different rates, but that shouldn’t matter to the court)

The breakdown of Shannon’s self-reported 2017 earnings is that, on average, she made about $37,767 per month.

For her occupation, she describes herself as a “reality televison personality.”


For Shannon’s monthly expenses, she says that it averages out to about $30,235 each month.

Multiplied by twelve, that would bring her annual expenses to about $362,820.

Additionally, Shannon notes a $10,000 expense for “filming preparation.”

That is … super vague and could cover almost anything that costs money that she does as part of her role as a reality star.

After attorney costs, credit card debt, and taxes, Shannon says that the total balance in her account is $45,352.

Not all of those attorney fees are for her current legal struggle with David, however.

Shannon is also embroiled in another costly court battle.

In the court documents, Shannon notes the costs of fighting “against a defamation complaint brought by the spouse of a former castmate.”

That is a reference to David Bellino’s lawsuit against Shannon and Tamra.

Though a judge ruled that Shannon should be dropped from the civil suit, the ex of Jesus Jugs has appealed the decision.

He claims that Tamra and Shannon maliciously spread rumors in a deliberate attempt to sabotage his business to the tune of $1 million.

But Shannon’s real fight continues to be with David.

The dispute is over how much support he currently pays her in spousal support and child support for their three teenage daughters.

At present, he is paying Shannon about $30,000 in support per month.

In late 2017, Shannon described David’s monthly income as $108,168.

He has claimed that Shannon rakes in about $900,000 per year — more than twice what Shannon says she made in 2017.

Though Shannon did launch a successful QVC food line recently, it’s unclear how David came up with that lofty figure.

One thing is certain: David is pissed.

More than once, he has tried to persuade the court to reduce the monthly support that he pays to Shannon. He has not been successful.

RadarOnline reports that David Beador’s latest attempt, on Thursday, February 7, was shut down by the judge.

As a result, David apparently stormed out of court in a fury.

Not only has the court’s forensic accountant not advised the judge that David should be paying less, but David’s other gambit failed.

He had attempted to get the court to order Shannon to not consume any alcohol whatsoever while she has custody.

Shannon countered that David can’t stop her from drinking if she wants to. And the judge agreed.

“I’m not going to make that order,” the judge said. “I will make an order that neither you nor Shannon shall be impaired during your parenting time.”

“But as for consumption of alcohol, you are free,” the judge ruled. “We live in America and you are free to consume alcohol wherever you want.”

Shannon had argued that David had only tried to push the order in order to embarrass her in their very public custody fight.

David is also peeved that he and Shannon must wait another two months for their next appearance in court.

Though the forensic accountant may agree that David needs to pay slightly less, in the mean time, it will be another two months of the current rate.

David blasted Shannon in court for fighting over money, but he seems to be the one who reportedly grows furious after every defeat.

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