Shaunie O'Neal Says Kobe Offered To Train Shaq's Kids

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Here’s Shaunie O’NealShaq‘s ex-wife — telling the world that Kobe freakin’ Bryant has PERSONALLY offered to train her kids in basketball … but for some reason it hasn’t happened yet.


We got Shaunie at LAX, and asked her about he son, Shaqir, being teamed up on the court with LeBron James Jr. at Crossroads school in Santa Monica.

We wanted to know if LeBron would be personally training the two boys, and while Shaunie couldn’t answer that, she did tell us about another Laker great who’s offered.

“Kobe always offers … we’re just so far from each other, but he always offers.”

33,643 career points (3rd of all time), 2 NBA Finals MVPs, 5 championships. That’s what Shaunie won’t travel down the 5 freeway to have her kid get trained up by.

We at TMZ Sports demand somebody fix this.

BTW — It’s not like Kobe doesn’t give out his tutelage, he just recently worked with NBA star Jayson Tatum … who had to fly cross country to make it happen. Just sayin’.

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