Shep Rose doesn’t want co-star’s daughter dating guys like him

Cameran Eubanks’ daughter turns 6-month-old in May, but Shep Rose isn’t in a rush to get baby Palmer a half-birthday present.

“I am waiting till she knows what a gift means before getting her a gift,” the “Southern Charm” star quipped Monday to Page Six.

Though Eubanks, 34, gave birth to her first child in November, it took some time before Rose, 38, met Charleston’s newest southern belle.

“It took a while, four and a half months after the fact,” Rose said. “Cameran wanted everyone to get flu shots, basically inoculated before they met Palmer.”

As for what life lessons Rose will bestow upon Eubanks’ child when she’s older, he chalked it up to his dating history.

“[I’ll] teach her how to avoid guys like me,” Rose joked.

While Eubanks doesn’t think Rose is ready for babysitting duties quite yet, she has some hope for his future.

“I think Shep will be a very late bloomer,” Eubanks recently told us. “I think he’ll be like a George Clooney, probably get to be in his 50’s, but not any time soon.”

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