Sheryl Crow Performs Extended Set For NPR’s Tiny Desk Fest

Sheryl Crow performed a set of her classic hits and songs from her final studio album, Threads, for NPR‘s Tiny Desk Fest.

The concert was part of a four-night series of extended concerts performed in front of a live audience and streamed live on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Crow and her supporting orchestra performed a 35-minute set that featured hit songs such as “All I Wanna Do,” “A Change Would Do You Good,” “Prove You Wrong,” “Tell Me When It’s Over” and “Cross Creek Road.”

“I heard a big thing on NPR about the shrinking of the attention span and how now, with pop songs, everything has like six seconds before you gotta change it, because the kids swipe over,” Crow told the audience at the beginning of her set.

“I’m just gonna tell you right now: We’re dinosaurs. … And while the kids are all writing fast food — which is super-cool ’cause it tastes great, super-filling — we’re sort of still writing salmon,” she added.

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