It’s here, The Simplistic Workout That Gave Britney Spears Her Sexy Sculpted Body

Toned legs are not the only gain from this routine, and Britney’s trainer explained how.

US Weekly recently reached out to the pro trainer responsible for helping Britney Spears achieve the spectacular physic that fans are going insane fawning over. Before her Piece of Me tour, the megastar switched up her workout routine in an effort to truly challenge herself and carve out her abs and legs. The workout has apparently been a true winner because Britney looks amazing. Journalists who spoke with her trainer were able to ascertain the details of this killer body changing workout.

Britney loves to post snippets of her workout routines on social media, and followers to her Instagram are well aware of the hard work and pride this long-time idol puts into her health and fitness. So what is so different about the workout that has Britney looking like a five-star athlete? It turns out the workout is truly simple. Running.

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This 36-year-old singer, who is dating fitness model and Slumber Party music video co-star, Sam Asghari, has been attending the Equinox’s Precision Running class at Westlake Village, California. The pro trainer who taught the Equinox class in June when Spears popped in, David Price, told reporters how this workout goes, explaining how and why it is so brilliantly effective.

It is apparently a treadmill workout designed based on high-intensity interval training, incorporating a combination of speed and hill intervals. A person’s legs are not the only focus during Price’s class because this workout tones anyone’s entire body. The celebrity trainer, who created Precision Running four years ago hyped the workout, going into the science behind how it works. According to Price, everyone has an inner athlete, and his workout is designed to pull it out of those participating in his class

“The treadmill is a marvelous machine that has the ability to micro-program our cardio in a way that is so exact. This class creates a track and field experience on a treadmill.”

Tom Brady, Renee Zellweger, and Shay Mitchell are also fans of this performance-based class. Beginning with a warm up the workout is then broken down into two to three intervals, totaling 38-minute segments of non-stop running. These segments vary between speed and incline settings, followed by a cool down period. Price’s workout is uniquely effective due to how it increases calorie burn and muscle building.

“It brings the athlete back out of a person, even if they’ve never been an athlete. But the ultimate goal is making running accessible. No. 1, it’s an impact sport. That’s the biggest difference when you talk about it compared to swimming or cycling or the other kind of cardio things that we do.

It requires an immense amount of energy to lift your foot off the ground. Each time you have to fight gravity and that’s the biggest thing about running compared to a lot of non-impact sports — you have to fight gravity back. To push yourself vertically up while you’re going fast. It requires so much energy to do that.”

While mostly thought of as a leg workout, running in fact tones a person’s entire being due to the impact and reaction your body goes through from head to toe, says Price. He also says that Britney, like many others, enjoyed this class for more than just the health benefits, as he attempts to make it as engaging and fun as possible. Price also says Britney is a “great runner.”

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