Sister Wives Spinoff: Could It Happen? Who Would It Star?!?

As we’ve reported on numerous occasions, Kody Brown may be in the market for a new spouse.

Such an addition would surely provide Sisterr Wives with brand new storylines for the next several seasons.

But many TLC viewers don’t really care about Kody adding to his brood and remaining the star of this long-running series.

These viewers have a different proposal, and now they’ve also been given a reason to think their dream could one day become a reality.

On April 23, Paedon Brown was chatting with followers via Instagram Live when he was asked about a potential Sister Wives spinoff, something many observers have been clamoring for over the past year or so.

“Would I do a Sister Wives spinoff? Um, that’s … a story that would consist me of doing nothing. No,” the 23-year said in an Instagram Live video on Saturday while playfully shaking his head.


“If we got called in and they offered it to many of my siblings, including me, yes, I’d join,” Brown added. “But if it was just about me, no I’m turning that thing down quickly.”

Interesting, huh?

Paedon is the son of Christine and Kody, the former of whom left the latter in November.

He’s been extremely outspoken of late, answering questions on social media and showing major support for his mom after she finally worked up the courage to leave his dad.

This is the first time he’s addressed chatter of a spinoff, however, prompting many fans to grow excited over the possibility.

Ratings for Sister Wives have been sliding for years, as viewers have grown sick and tired of simply watching Kody treat his spouses like crap.

Moreover, Christine has now moved back to Utah and Meri talks openly after her complete lack of a relationship with Kody.

Heck, Kody couldn’t even bring himself to say he’s in love with Janelle when asked about her on the Season 16 reunion, which means this isn’t even a polygamist with any real sister wives.

He’s just a guy living with Robyn and ignoring the other two women in his life.

Paedon, meanwhile, doesn’t live in Flagstaff.

He and Kody’s other adult children live in various parts of the country, which would make a spinoff challenging to film.

But TLC has already given a green light to an online cooking show that stars Christine, much to the delight of her loyal supporters.

And this is where their hope truly lies.

Forget Paedon and Kody’s other kids.

Let’s be honest, we don’t have a ton of interest in their lives.

Christine Brown, though? Out, above, single and ready to mingle, while starting anew after decade inside of a plural marriage?

Now there’s a Sister Wives spinoff we’d watch!

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