How do we snag an invite to the next Big Little Lies hang out?

Production on Big Little Lies Season 2 has been underway for a few months now, which means that the women that comprise the core cast (plus newbie Meryl Streep!) have had plenty of time to bond on and off set. And, happily, it looks like those women — Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Zoë Kravitz — actually documented one of their hangouts for all of us on social media.

To be more specific, Kidman actually documented the BLL group hangout on her Instagram story on Monday, June 3. Kidman only posted a handful of photos from the evening, but she maximized each post with plenty of captions, hashtags or emojis to really hammer home the feeling that these were just a group of gal pals, unwinding at the bowling alley, reveling with one another. And sure, we’ve all had hangouts like these before, but seeing all the BLL women hanging out makes you wonder: where was our invite?

The first photo showed Kidman, Witherspoon, Streep and Woodley posing with their bowling balls. Kidman captioned the photo, “Sunday night with our amazing #BigLittleLies crew.”

Then, Kidman showed her followers that not only did copious amounts of bowling happen while plenty of beers were drunk and laughs were had, but there was also a solid round of pool being played at one point. The second photo showed Kidman lining up what we’re sure was a stellar shot while Witherspoon looked on.

One of the last two photos from the evening showed Kidman actually hopping onto Witherspoon’s back for a piggyback ride (say what!) and both women having a total ball. The other photo? Oh, just Streep getting what looks to be a really solid turn in as Kidman and the other ladies celebrate.

We so totally wish we could have been there to experience all the fun for ourselves. So, uh, Kidman, the next time you and the BLL crew get together, maybe give us a call? We’ll bring the wine.

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