Snoop Dogg Dubs Kanye West Racist for Donald Trump Support

The ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ rapper lets loose an expletive-filled rant in a taped ‘SiriusXM’ interview, expressing his dislikes on anyone who backs the U.S. president.

Snoop Dogg has dished up the ultimate rap beef by taking a stand against Kanye West‘s support of U.S. leader Donald Trump.

Speaking to DJ Suss One in a taped SiriusXM interview, the “Gin & Juice” star made it clear he’s not a fan of the President or anyone who backs him, insisting his supporters are all racist.

“I don’t give a f**k,” the angry rap superstar said. “I tell ’em straight up, ‘Motherf**ker, if you like that n***a, you (are a) motherf**kin’ racist. F**k you and f**k him.”

And Snoop has made it clear he detests the President: “He drew the lines,” he said. “Before him, there were no lines. Everybody was everybody, we respected everything, we didn’t trip.”

The veteran, who has also reposted a string of memes on social media playing off of Kanye’s support for Trump in recent months, added, “When you drew the line and start pointing motherf**kers out and singling them out, f**k y’all then, n***a. You and them. Kanye too. Don’t forget about him too. F**k you too. Throw him in the bag, he (is) right with them motherf**kers.”

Snoop has never been afraid to attack Trump – in his 2017 video for Lavender a clown-like Trump lookalike was shot in the head.

The rap veteran’s DJ Suss One interview will air in full on SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation on Saturday, September 22.

Kanye became public enemy number one among his fellow African-Americans earlier this year, when he said slavery was a choice and repeatedly made it clear he supported the country’s divisive Republican President, even wearing Trump’s much-maligned ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign baseball hat.

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