Sophie Turner Gets Trolled By an NFL Team Over ‘Game of Thrones’ Ending

Game of ThronesSophie Turner got trolled by the Oakland Raiders on Sunday (October 6) after a big NFL game.

If you don’t know, this past weekend, the Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bears played an NFL game in London, England, and Sophie was in attendance at the game. Sophie recorded a message saying she was rooting for the Bears to win the big matchup.

Well, it turns out, the Bears lost to the Raiders 24-21, and the Raiders decided to troll Sophie at the end of the game.

The Raiders quote tweeted the message that Sophie recorded for the Chicago Bears and wrote, “That game had a better finish than Thrones. #RaiderNation.”

The Game of Thrones ending was extremely controversial among fans and a petition to reshoot the season was started by fans.

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