SoulCycle guru Stacey Griffith’s relationship is on the rocks

The famed romance between SoulCycle spinning guru Stacey Griffith and photographer Debby Hymowitz has come to a stop, it seems. Fit sources exclusively tell us there’s buzz that the beloved duo has broken up.

Griffith — whose A-list clients have included Madonna and Kelly Ripa — and Hymowitz have been together for 13 years. The relationship is legendary in SoulCycle circles and beyond, since Hymowitz was an Upper East Side socialite who left her hedge fund husband for the instructor.

Griffith said in an interview last year: “I’ve been with my partner for almost 12 years now, and the love that I had really turned me into a more amazing instructor, friend and person.”

But a friend of the pair tells us the split may not be permanent: “They may get back together,” cautioned the pal. “They do this . . . They’ll break up and get back together.” We hear they even split last summer, twice.

The couple lives together, and Hymowitz has three now-grown children, including social media star Lilli Hymowitz, who in 2015, at 16, was dubbed “The prom queen of Instagram” by New York magazine.

Meanwhile, Griffith — who has nearly 65,000 Instagram followers as a SoulCycle “founding senior master instructor” — posted a Mother’s Day message to Hymowitz, saying, “Today is the day to recognize all you do for your children . . . it has been a true lesson in life to watch you do what you do best, I hope you have the best day.”

On Valentine’s Day, she posted a pic of the duo with the caption: “Comin for ya today supermom, lawyer, photographer, co pilot, wingman, lover of life !! I’m so lucky to call this lady my valentine.”

Last year, they collaborated on a piece for Departures about a family trip to France — where Hymowitz’s daughters were competing in an equestrian event — and Griffith also released her book, “Two Turns From Zero.” Hymowitz’s photo exhibitions have included “Sexual Evolution,” with subjects including Griffith.

The couple did not comment.

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