Stacey Solomon once mistaken for lookalike sister in awkward encounter with brother-in-law

Stacey Solomon on Alan Sugar's reaction to sister's business

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Stacey Solomon, 31, and her sister Jemma, 32, look so alike that even the latter’s husband Lee, got them confused at the beginning of her relationship. And after coaxing the Loose Women star into playing a hilarious prank on her brother-in-law, Jemma – also known as the The Label Lady – proved that their similarities are really uncanny.

I just had to say, ‘Um, no actually I’m not Jemma, sorry, can you drive me back home?’

Stacey Solomon

Appearing on the ITV chat show to discuss teaming up with Lord Alan Sugar for her label-making business, Jemma told the tale of how she urged her sister to use their lookalike qualities to see if Lee remembered what she looked like after they had met in night club.

The pair revealed they are often mistaken for each other due to how similar they sound and look, so in order to feel out her future husband, Jemma put it to the test after having been convinced that he wouldn’t remember.

She explained to the panel: “There’s a really funny time that, when I met my now husband, we basically met in a nightclub so when he asked to take me out.

“I said, ‘You’re never going to remember who I am or what I look like!’

“He said, ‘I will,’ so he turned up at my house and I said to Stacey, ‘Can you go get in the car with him please, because he thinks he knows what I look like.'”

But it turns out Stacey wasn’t too keen on the idea.

“She was like, ‘No!,’ and I was like, ‘Please, he wants to take me out,'” Jemma continued.

“So she got in the car and he drove off with her!”

The panel burst out laughing, asking Stacey what she did as she looked around in despair.

Revealing what happened in the car once they had left the house, the singer giggled: “I just had to say, ‘Um, no actually I’m not Jemma, sorry, can you drive me back home?'”

Recently, Stacey took to Instagram to document her hen do after Jemma whisked her away last minute.

Unable to cancel and rebook the celebratory event following the Tap to Tidy star’s announcement that her and her beau Joe Swash, had decided to postpone their wedding, it went ahead as planned.

In view of her 4.6 million followers, Stacey posted to her story: “When you’re about to put your PJs on and settle down for the night and your sister turns up and tells you she couldn’t move your hen so ‘get an overnight bag and get on the party bus Stace.’”

She then added an emoji reading: “Send help.”

Jemma also shared her account of the evening’s events, posting: “When you can’t move the hen weekend to the year of the wedding that’s been moved.

“You turn up at your heavily pregnant sister’s and tell her to pack a case she’s going out out.”

The last-minute event comes after the mum-of-three boys put her wedding to fiance Joe on hold back in June.

The pair were planning to wed this summer but changed their minds after she fell pregnant.

She said on Instagram at the time: “We are going to move it back a bit maybe not until next year but we both said we’d be a bit gutted to look back at pictures and all of our babies weren’t there.”

Stacey is due to give birth to her baby girl at the end of the year.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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