Strictly’s Michelle Visage reveals she battled eating disorder for two decades

Strictly star Michelle Visage has revealed she suffered for two decades with an eating disorder.

The flamboyant singer, 50, would hide food in her cheeks as a child before running to the bathroom.

In her book Michelle Visage: The Diva Rules she admitted: “Dinnertime suddenly involved about two trips to the loo.

"I couldn’t handle puking – bulimia in the traditional way wasn’t for me.

“I thought that by taking laxatives the calories would be flushed out.”

Later in life when on the road as a dancer, she would use laxatives even more regularly to keep her weight down and it was not until she was in her late 20s that she turned things around.

She said: “I was relying on my body for happiness.

"Your body is not your happiness. Even if you lose those last five pounds, all the things in your life that suck will suck after you do.”

Michelle was a member of the band Seduction and is a judge on American reality TV series RuPaul’s Drag Race, of which the UK version starts in October.

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