Susanna Reid defends Boris Johnson’s ‘style’ after Piers Morgan says he’s ‘losing it’

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid, 48, and her co-star Piers Morgan, 53, took to their Twitter pages to share their views on the debate between Boris Johnson, 55, and Jeremy Hunt, 52, who are in the running to replace Prime Minister Theresa May, 62. Last night, the two hopefuls answered a series of questions in a head-to-head debate lead by Julie Etchingham, 49. During the debate, Boris mocked Jeremy for his lack of confidence in delivering Brexit. The pair also discussed the threat of a no-deal Brexit, alliances with the Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party and President Donald Trump, 73

Boris won on style. Hunt won on substance. #ITVDebate.

Susanna Reid

In view of 598,000 Twitter followers, Susanna wrote: “Boris won on style. Hunt won on substance. #ITVDebate.”

Many of the presenter’s followers flocked to her page to express their views.

One user wrote: “@susannareid100 Boris smashed it.”

A second commented: “Neither won on anything. We need a general election.”

“And by not watching it, I’m winning at life #ITVDebate,” a third quipped.

A fourth penned: “And by not watching it, I’m winning at life #ITVDebate.”

Piers also shared various views throughout the debate in view of his 6.7 million followers.

After Boris refused to say whether he would keep Sir Kim Darroch, 65, as Britain’s ambassador to the US if he became Prime Minister, Piers tweeted: “Weak dodge by Boris on Sir Kim.

“Either back him or don’t back him. Spineless fence-sitting not a good look in a leader. #ITVDebate.”

He followed up his tweet, writing: “Boris is losing it.

“Does he have the temperament for the top job? #ITVDebate.”

He concluded his thoughts by insisting he predominately favoured Jeremy’s views.

He wrote: “Hunt won that debate.”

Piers Morgan added he believes Boris “started well then blew it by descending into bluster, obfuscation & question-avoidance.”

“Hunt grew in confidence, answered questions & rattled his opponent.

“All expertly moderated by @julieetchitv & directed by @errongordon. #ITVDebate.”

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