T.I. Claims Security Guard Cursing Out Tiny Is What Really Set Him Off Before Arrest: I Was ‘Livid’

It turns out there’s a whole other side to T.I.’s arrest. The rapper claims that the security guard left out some details and Tip only lost his cool after the guard yelled at Tiny over the phone!

T.I., 37, was arrested outside his gated community in Henry County, Georgia in the early hours of May 16, but according to Tip – per TMZ – the security guard who called the cops left out some key elements. Tip, who didn’t have his key to the gate, claims the guard was sleeping at his post when he arrived. Though the police report says T.I. yelled “hook me up” – as in “hook me up and let me in” – Tip claims he actually said, “look me up.” When the guard couldn’t find T.I. on the resident directory, he had his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 42, call in to bail him out.

“Just let him in,” Tiny reportedly said to the guard, and according to T.I., the guard allegedly responded with, “Who the f*ck do you think you is talking to me like this?” To no surprise, T.I. told TMZ that he was pretty livid about that and admitted to yelling obscenities. “I pay you,” T.I. reminded the guard and demanded entry. The guard actually agreed, according to T.I., letting him in. When Tip asked for the guard’s name in order to report the dude to the supervisor, all he got was a “blank face.”

Following this, T.I went home, cooled down, and then decided to go back to the guard in order to get the guy’s name. When the guard continued to give Tip the silent treatment, things escalated. “You can step outside the boot into the street,” T.I. admitted to saying, “so we can talk.” Tip denies that he didn’t want to get physical, but the security guard clearly mistook it as a threat. “Yes, a black male right in front of me in a striped shirt,” T.I. overheard the guard say, and the rest is history. The police arrived and busted him for simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

He was quickly out from behind bars, posting the $2,250 bail that ensured his release. He was able to attend his son Major’s 10th birthday party, sharing scenes of a happier day online. The initial report of T.I.’s arrest claims that he also called in a friend to help him out and this currently unidentified friend was also arrested. As for Tiny, in addition to being irritated that she was woken up at 4AM in order to let her husband in, a source close to the couple EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com that they’re thinking about moving following this headache!

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