Tamika Mallory Says Economics, Poverty to Blame for PnB Rock's Murder

Tamika Mallory says there’s an underlying problem that explains why PnB Rock was murdered in cold blood — and, to her, it all has to do with economics.

We got the activist in NYC Tuesday where she gave us her take on Rock’s killing … and she’s pretty passionate about her position. Essentially, she says we as a society — but especially our government — have to examine what circumstances led to PnB being robbed in the first place.

From her perspective, she thinks it all boils down to poverty and folks being in dire straits to make ends meet — and by extension, desperate as well … a longstanding issue in underserved communities, which Tamika says has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Tamika says it’s dangerous for Black men to simply exist, seeing how they’re so often the victims of crime … famous or not. While PnB Rock was the latest example, TM says this issue finally has to be addressed by America as a whole — because it’s gonna keep happening if not.

Beyond just tackling people’s money woes and lack of opportunities, Tamika says mental health is a key part of this conversation too. Lots of roots to this problem, no doubt … and it’s time to start ripping out the weeds to fix it once and for all — so says Tamika.

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