Taylor Swift Almost Cries About a Banana After Surgery and Twitter Loves It

Taylor Swift is known for writing hit songs, breaking barriers and being a lover of love itself. And now the singer is also known for freaking out over a banana after surgery. Of course, fans loved seeing the star acting like a normal person and almost crying over something minor.

We’ve all been there, Taylor. It’s a nice reminder that celebrities are people too, with all the flaws and imperfections that humanity comes with. So without further ado, let’s get into Taylor Swift’s banana-related woes.

How was the clip of Taylor Swift after surgery released?

Swift went on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and he “may have made some calls” to her mother. Her mother happened to record some footage of Swift after her laser eye surgery. The result was hilarious, so of course, Fallon had to show it on live TV.

Swift could not believe it, though she was also laughing along with everyone else. The clip shows Swift taking a banana out of a bunch of them and then complaining that it isn’t the one she wanted. Her mother then offers to eat the offending banana and get Taylor the one she wants. Later, she is shown in bed eating her banana and her mother cautions her against falling asleep while eating.

“I’m not asleep,” she says, “My mind is alive.”

What were fan reactions to the clip?


Fans, of course, loved the clip of Swift after surgery. It’s always nice to see celebrities acting like regular people, especially superstars like Taylor Swift. One fan on Twitter said, “Good morning only to Taylor Swift crying over a banana” with a bunch of laughing emojis, showing their amusement over the clip.

Still another fan quoted Swift, saying: “Sometimes things just don’t go your way, — Taylor Swift after failing to get the banana she wanted.” Again, the fan shows their amusement with the clip by quoting Taylor and mentioning the banana. Another fan said “Waking up to Taylor Swift freaking out over a banana is all I needed. #Lasiklover.” This fan also included a banana emoji, showing just how much the clip made their day.

How else is Taylor Swift a normal person?


Taylor Swift also shows her normality in nonbanana-related ways. She has a Tumblr, which she uses to interact with fans, often liking selfies and other posts. She also shows her normality in more serious ways by standing up for what she believes in, including the importance of music education. According to Biography.com, Swift mentioned in an interview after founding the Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville in 2013, how “music education is really such an important part of [her] life” and she now wants to make it part of the lives of others.

Swift goes on to say”[her] life changed so completely when [she] discovered writing [her] own songs and playing guitar, and that can’t necessarily all be taught to you in school.”  This interview shows that Swift truly believes in the importance of music education and she decided to put her money behind it, by creating her own music center. Though fans will likely be making banana jokes for a while, Swift’s down-to-earth nature is not just shown in that hilarious clip. She has shown it for a while to her fans especially.

She is not only a talented singer, she is a normal person and that’s something special.

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