Taylor Swift Reputation Tour Set List

We are less than two weeks away until Taylor Swift hits the road for her highly anticipated Reputation World Tour and the singer is finally starting to give us some details about what to expect. To say we’re excited would be a huge understatement. We should have known that we wouldn’t know much about the tour beforehand, due to her keeping her whole Reputation album a secret for months, so we’re pretty thrilled that she’s even willing to tell us anything!

Tay has done a few performances here and there in honor of her latest album and if one thing is for certain, it’s that this tour is going to be unlike anything we have ever seen before. Not only has the singer changed the way she dresses for performances, but she is also incorporating more intense dance styles. If the Reputation Tour is anything like her Jingle Ball shows, then we know we’ll be in good hands.

Since the tour officially kicks off on April 25, T.Swift finally thought it was time to clue us in on what’s going on, and we couldn’t be more thankful. The singer took to Instagram Stories yesterday — which marked 13 days until the show starts, by the way — so, naturally, she just HAD to do something in honor of that. “So it’s 13 days ’til the Reputation Stadium Tour, so obviously you had to know I was going to like make a thing of that,” she said in her Insta-Story. Tay followed up that little clip by saying that every day leading up to the tour she’ll give us more details about the shows and this is a countdown we can get on board with.

One of the biggest questions the pop star has been receiving is about what songs she’ll be singing, and we’re so glad we finally have an answer to that. “You’ve been asking how many songs from previous albums you’ll be hearing,” Taylor said. “My count is 10. I’m really excited about playing stuff from Reputation, really excited about playing stuff from previous albums too.”

Reputation songs AND 10 tracks from her previous albums?! Sign us up! Of course, we still don’t know what exact songs she’ll be singing, and since she has about a million to choose from, we know that it will be amazing no matter what.

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