Taylor Swift Says There’s A Secret In ‘ME!’ Video & Fans Are Convinced She Got A New Cat

The Swifties sleuthed, and came to this conclusion: Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey have a new sibling. Brendon Urie hands Taylor Swift a kitten in their music video, which she accepts over an engagement ring.

Taylor Swift‘s “ME!” music video set forth an Easter egg hunt of the same magnitude as the one in Ready Player One. “Oh and there’s a secret in the video I’ve been keeping in for months, let’s see who can guess it,” the pop star said on YouTube chat, before her new music video and track dropped on April 26. After watching the video, the Swifties’ most popular theory was this: Tay is now the mother of three cats. That’s because the singer’s two Scottish Fold cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, weren’t the only felines to make a cameo in the music video.

Taylor, 29, was presented a never-before-seen kitten by the featured artist on the track and her on-screen lover, Brendon Urie, in the video! That’s because he and Taylor have a lover’s spat in French at the beginning of the video. To make up for it, the lead vocalist of Panic! at the Disco tries to win Taylor over with flowers (nope) and an engagement ring (nope — but some fans speculated this was another Easter egg about a rumored rejected proposal from ex Calvin Harris). The pop princess finally decides to forgive Brendon when the kitty comes out, but it’s not a Scottish Fold like Taylor’s other “daughters” — the kitten is a Siamese cat!

“Taylor Swift literally only released this song to announce that she got a new cat,” one fan tweeted, while another asked, “SO IS THIS THE SECRET??? NEW CAT????” Another fan pointed out the number of cats in the Nashville butterfly mural that Taylor paid a visit to just hours before her music video dropped. “So in the butterfly mural there are THREE cats. I’m taking this as another clue as well as the kitty in the #me! music video,” the fan tweeted.

Of course, an unfamiliar feline face wasn’t the only talk of Twitter. Fans spotted a portrait of the Dixie Chicks amid a wall of paintings depicting sunglass-wearing chicks, which prompted a cute exchange between the bluegrass group and Taylor. “👀,” the Dixie Chicks tweeted immediately after watching the music video, and Taylor’s reply freaked out fans: “Chicks stans never unstan.” A potential new cat, Brendon wearing pastel colors, Taylor using the word “stan” — so many changes!

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