Taylor Swift Wears Snakeskin Backpack On Anniversary Of Kim K Calling Her A Snake & Fans Freak

Now this is epic trolling! Taylor Swift rocked a snake-skin backpack on the two-year anniversary of Kim Kardashian calling her out as a snake. We’ve got the wild Twitter reaction.

Way to own it Taylor Swift! The 28-year-old singer left New York City on July 17 wearing a very noticeable snake-skin backpack. This date just so happens to mark the two-year anniversary of arch-enemy Kim Kardashian, 37, calling out the singer as a snake in a very public way. The reality star tweeted at the time, “Wait it’s legit National Snake Day?!?!? They have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days!” followed by a ton of snake emojis. It was a blatant diss at Taylor, who the reality star had just dropped receipts on the singer allegedly agreeing to be included in Kanye West‘s diss track “Famous,” despite claiming otherwise.

Tay has since turned things on its head after the humiliating incident. She’s owning the snake label, using images of the reptile in her merchandise, wearing snake rings on her fingers and featuring a 100 foot cobra likeness on her Reputation tour. Kim labeled Tay a snake in 2016 after she dropped secretly recorded audio of the singer discussing with Kanye about being included in bars on his song “Famous.” After all she had called him out on it and acted horrified when he rapped about sleeping with her. He insisted on their phone call that it would be ‘really cool’ line to have in his song. Her response? “I know, I mean it’s like a compliment.”After Kim released the receipts, fans came hard at Taylor, putting Snake emojis all over her social media.

Taylor’s fans went nuts on Twitter with the “Bad Blood” singer’s obvious troll at Kim on the anniversary of the snake comment:

“Taylor Swift wearing a snake print backpack on her way to play a show in Cleveland on National Snake Day? A coincidence? I think not,” one fan tweeted. Another wrote, “Snake backpack on two year anniversary when Kim Kardashian called her one. Snake 🐍@taylorswift13 oh how I love you so!”

Some fans even noticed that the fabric of her adorable romper was seen in her 2017 clapback video to Kim and Kanye for “Look What You Made Me Do.” One person tweeted, “So Taylor Swift went out in a romper with the same fabric from LWYMMD and a snake backpack fully aware of the paps…on National Snake Day…I need a minute,” while another wrote, “taylor swift stepping out of her apartment wearing a snake backpack and the same print she wore in a segment of the lwymmd music video on national snake day and the anniversary of kim kardashian’s shady tweet about her is the biggest power move i’ve ever seen.” So true! Baller move Taylor.

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