Why Team 10 Members Quit, Reason for Leaving YouTube Group

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Staying on top of Team 10 is basically a full-time job — and not just because of how many vlogs these YouTubers post a day, but because of all the drama! It seems like every week some new negative story about Jake Paul and his crew starts circulating. Whether they’re bullying their own members, or writing super-shady diss tracks, these viral vloggers have proven that they’ll do anything for views.

We can’t help but think a lot of that has to do with Jake. He is their ringleader, after all, and he’s always at the center of these controversies. Most recently, a video leaked of him saying the N-Word multiple times at Coachella. And to put the cherry on top, he’s also related to the guy who thought it was okay to post a video of a man’s dead body, so… Thanks to that, Logan Paul is O-V-E-R, and while JP hasn’t done anything on THAT level of problematic, we think he’s following in his brother’s footsteps.

That’s probably why so many Team 10 members have abandoned ship recently. They’re getting out while they can! In total, Jake has already lost 11 members of his famed YT crew — and we bet there’s more than that came from. While we wait for another remaining Team 10er to duck out, we’ve rounded up all of the reasons why these YouTubers chose to in the past. Maybe it’ll give those remaining a little inspo…

Tessa Brooks


New Year, new Tessa? In her NYE vlog this year, the Team 10 member made a special announcement — she’d be leaving the crew. TBH, we probably should have seen this coming considering she had already moved out of the house and into her own place with Tristan Tales, but we believed her when she said that wouldn’t change things.

News flash: it definitely did. And as much as we can speculate about all of the Team 10 controversies that may have led to her decision, she didn’t want to air anyone’s dirty laundry. All she said was that her decision to move caused a rift in their relationships. “Things just aren’t how they used to be,” she explained. But overall she wishes them all well.

Emilio Martinez

“You were mean to us for eight months,” Emilio said in a November YouTube video. “You bullied us for eight months.” Wondering who this twin was talking about? None other than Jake Paul, who welcomed him and his brother to Team 10 all the way from Barcelona. But as excited as the boys were initially to meet their new crew, things took a dark turn.

According to the Martinez Twins, JP made fun of their accents, pretended not to understand them, and called them racial slurs. He also didn’t let them send any money to their mom back in Spain like he promised. The 20-year-old denied these accusations (of course) but with controversy coming his way so often, don’t blame us for thinking he’s not the most trustworthy guy around.

Ivan Martinez

In the Martinez twins’ explanation video following their Team 10 departure, Ivan dished on Jake’s bullying, as well. “I went to sleep scared,” he said. “Eight months in one house going to sleep scared.” How horrific does that sound? According to the twins, the former Disney Channel star pranked them every single morning and at one point even took a sledgehammer to the wall! And when Jake heard that this was the reason for their departure, he only had one thing on his mind – DENY!

Tristan Tales


Tristan says he doesn’t regret his involvement with Team 10 and will hold onto those memories forever, but that didn’t stop him from leaving. He made the announcement on New Year’s Day (just like Tessa Brooks) and explained a couple days later, “This year, I want to be working towards the goals I set for myself when I first started social media. I’m out here trying to be a positive impact for you guys.” He didn’t go into much more detail – his video was more montage than explanation – but he promised to continue vlogging and possibly do a scripted series. Could that possibly have been a jab at all the controversies Team 10 has been involved in? Maybe…

Alissa Violet


She may not have been the first to leave Team 10, but Alissa definitely had the most public departure. As in, Jake kicked her out of the house himself. According to the 21-year-old, he threw her things down the stairs and put a new lock on the door.

But most of the drama happened after she was gone when she started dating Jake’s nemesis, FaZe Banks, told her followers he was physically and emotionally abusive to her, and Photoshopped her ex-BFF Tessa Brooks out of photos. It’s been a journey, and if we’re being honest, it probably isn’t over yet.



We never loved Max more than when he left Team 10 for the most honorable of reasons. When Jake Paul’s assistant Meg Zelly accused FaZe Banks of assaulting her at a club, she even went as far as to show everyone a bruise on his neck to prove she wasn’t lying. But Max had been there – and he wasn’t about to let FaZe get blamed for something he didn’t do. So instead of keeping his mouth shut, he decided to quit Team 10 so that he could be publicly interviewed by Banks and clear his name. #RESPECT!

Alex Lange


Considering how much drama all of these Team 10 losses have revealed, this particular departure is a refreshing one. When long-time member Alex Lange announced he was leaving last month, he said, “The time has come for me to move on and move my career in another direction.” Considering he’s got a role on Code Black and the most adorable relationship with Bailee Madison, we 100 percent understand his decision. Props to him for moving on to bigger and better things!

Neels Visser


Another OG member bites the dust — but Neels didn’t leave with any drama. Instead, he decided to take time off to pursue a modeling career. And pursue it he has! Now, instead of messing around at the Team 10 house, the 18-year-old is walking designer runways and taking photos with Victoria’s Secret Angels. Safe to say leaving was a good decision!

But whether he’s still in good standing with everyone else is unclear, especially since he moved back to Los Angeles and hasn’t been seen with any Team 10-ers besides Alissa Violet (who’s besties with his then-girlfriend, Cindy Kimberly). Hmmm…

Lucas Dobre


When Lucas and his twin brother, Marcus, left the Team 10 house because they were homesick and just wanted out of Los Angeles, we all believed them. “We missed the love and support that we have for each other and for our family,” he said at the time. But that was back in 2016 and they’ve been home for a while. We aren’t questioning them too much, though – at least they’re still making videos! But if we’re being honest, it’s looking like homesickness proved too much ’cause we don’t think it’s very likely they’ll ever be rejoining the crew.

Marcus Dobre


The real reason the Dobre twins even felt the need to make a video explaining their Team 10 Departure was because of some rumors going around that there was drama between them and other members, but Marcus set the record straight in their tell-all. “We did not hurt anyone’s feelings or disrespect anyone,” he said. He and his brother assured fans that they left the crew on good terms, and while that might be true they’re definitely not as close to the other members as they once were.

AJ Mitchell


If you were looking for drama, look elsewhere, because AJ and Team 10 ended their relationship amicably. “I love every single person in that group to death, like a family still,” he said in a farewell Instagram-live video. That’s because he said goodbye without cutting any ties. Ultimately, the only reason he set out on his own was to really go after a career in music. He’s been releasing singles and videos ever since – the most recent was “Mind” in November – and we bet his former fam is crazy proud of him.

Nick Crompton


When Nick “England is my city” Crompton joined Team 10 two years ago he immediately made his presence known. Although he was technically the Team’s Chief Operations Officer, he would appear in videos and gained his own fan following.

On May 4, 2018, Nick announced on Twitter that he was leaving the famous group because he didn’t agree with some changes happening.

“Due to internal changes being made within our various business that I don’t agree with, I have resigned both as Chief Operations Officer and as talent,” he wrote.

Although his statement made it sound like leaving was his decision, Team 10 posted its own note basically saying that the Brit was forced out because he was no longer loyal to them. So, what’s the truth?

Chance Sutton


We have to admit that we definitely did NOT see this departure coming. Chance Sutton has been a member of Team 10 for what feels like forever and we always thought his bond with Anthony Trujillo would keep him in the group forever. Just days after Nick Crompton announced his split from the group, however, the 21-year-old posted his own goodbye note.

In the letter, Chance explained that he has “nothing but love for all of Team 10” and that the reason why he is saying goodbye is to focus on himself. He added, “I believe it is in the best interest for the future of my career that I start to focus on myself. I still plan on doing the things I love, such as streaming and producing content for everything that supports me.” As long as he’s happy, we’re happy!

Drake Rehfeld


There seriously must be something in the water at the Team 10 because literally one day after Chance announced his departure, which was days after Nick left, Drake Rehfeld revealed that he was also closing the door on the group. Drake worked behind the scenes as the Head of Engineering and is taking his talents elsewhere.

He announced the news on Twitter saying ,”It’s been awesome working at Team 10 alongside some awesome people, but now it’s time for my next adventure.” The tech savvy guy is going to be working for Splish Creative full time and we wish him the best!

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