‘Teen Mom’ Star Mackenzie McKee Tells Instagram Followers Her Mother’s Cancer Has Metastasized

The ‘Teen Mom’ star had some sorrowful news about her own mother on social media.

Mackenzie McKee was shot back into the spotlight earlier this year. She was introduced to the world when her story aired on 16 and Pregnant. At that point, she was Mackenzie Douthit, but has since married the father of her children, Josh McKee. MTV went on to film her on Teen Mom 3, but the show was canceled after just one season. Through it all, her mom, Angie Douthit, supported her daughter and remained by her side.

Back in January, Mackenzie McKee announced that her mother was battling stage four cancer. This was a shock to fans who had not heard much from the former reality star. Angie Douthit has been battling cancer with poise and grace, but unfortunately, things have gotten worse. According to E! Online, Mackenzie McKee announced earlier today that her mom’s cancer had spread. Not only is she battling brain cancer, but also lung and bone cancer. This is not the news the family was hoping for, but they are trusting in their faith.

It is rumored that Mackenzie McKee was joining Teen Mom OG to fill the vacancy that Farrah Abraham left when she was fired from the show. The network had reportedly been filming with her anyway as they wanted to do a follow-up special upon learning of Angie Douthit’s cancer. McKee was upset when Teen Mom 2 added Briana DeJesus to the cast without even contacting her. It started a social media beef, but that has since ended. Right now, nothing has been confirmed about filming, but it looks like fans will get more information in the upcoming weeks.

O mom, you are so amazing. Idk how you are touching lives all around the world of people who have never met you but you are. You have such a strong message to share and you are not scared to shout it to the roof tops. You don’t deserve this, none of it. So happy, so healthy, and so faithful to God. Stage four cancer in your lungs, in your brain, and now in your bones. And not once have you questioned Gods love for you. You are truly praising him in the storms and yet again being the glue to my life. As many already know we did not get a good update yesterday and this dollar coaster is exhausting and expensive. One thing you wish people would do is to remain healthy and take care of your body and to #alwaysbekind . You helped me with my #bodybymac 3 month program and have always been my number one cheerleader through this all. So this weekend All purchased on my fitness at home workout programs will go towards the cost of all travel expenses and medication because your so good and telling people to stop complaining, get off their butts, and get active. So here is to donating and getting healthy at the same time. ????????????. Visit www.bodybymac.com or click the link in my bio

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Along with the announcement of Angie Douthit’s cancer metastasizing, Mackenzie McKee also mentioned that all proceeds from her business sales will go to her mom while she gets treatments to battle the cancer. She sells a fitness program and mentioned how her mom was always her biggest cheerleader. The two are incredibly close, and Douthit’s health has been hard for McKee to deal with. Mackenzie is doing what she can for Angie while also taking care of her three children and managing her own life.

The prognosis for Angie Douthit wasn’t made public by Mackenzie McKee. She only addressed the most recent tests and the revelations that came along with them. Fans have been reaching out and offering support to McKee and her mom during their uphill battle.

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