Tekashi69: Surveillance Footage Reportedly Proves Attack Was Legit & Not A Publicity Stunt

Haters called out Tekashi69’s alleged robbery and pistol-whipping as a publicity stunt. But surveillance tape from outside his home reportedly proves he was attacked.

Fans were a little skeptical about rapper Tekashi69‘s claims that he was kidnapped, robbed and pistol whipped in the early morning hours of July 21. Especially since that same day his collab with Nicki Minaj called “Fefe” dropped. Some thought it was a publicity stunt, especially since after his alleged near death experience he was flirting with Nicki online, asking “You still love me after I got beat up? :/”. TMZ reports that his attack appears to be legit, as surveillance tape from outside of his home supports the story of his terrifying ordeal.

The site reports that “investigators have successfully pulled surveillance video from a camera down the street from 6ix9ine’s house. We’re told the footage shows the suspects’ vehicle outside the rapper’s home, but it’s too far away to identify who the men are.” Tekashi – real name Daniel Hernandez and also known as 6ix9ine— was allegedly was leaving a recording studio in Brooklyn around 4am Sunday morning when he was supposedly boxed in by three hooded gunmen, who grabbed him, pistol whipped him and knocked him unconscious. The men then allegedly drove Tekashi back to his home where two went inside and stole $750k in jewelry and up to $20k in cash.

But it didn’t end there, as the men allegedly still drove around with Tekashi, who at some point was able to jump from the back seat and lept into a neighboring vehicle to escape his captors. EMT’s were called and he was transported to a local hospital. Photos of him on a gurney in his hospital gown showed his badly bruised face. Yet later in the day he appeared in an Instagram live video to discuss things with fans and his face was free of any contusions.

TMZ reported later in the morning of his attack that Tekashi told a completely different story to the cops. He claims that he was the passenger in a Chevy Tahoe when another vehicle bumped him from behind, pulling him out of the rig and dragging him into another car. He then allegedly claimed that he called his home and spoke to baby mama Sara who brought down his jewelry. After that he escaped, and then became uncooperative with authorities after allegedly taking himself to the hospital. The extremely differing stories just simply don’t add up, but clearly something went down at his house. It’s just not clear exactly what happened.

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